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May 2014

The Internet Will Save You

Back in the old days, before there was an internet, or email, or selfies (at this point, can’t we just change BC and AD to BN and AN – before and after Net?) all we had was religion to keep us on the straight and narrow. Commit a sin, and the fear of God will set you straight. We saw how well that worked (*ahem catholic priesthood).

Now we have the Internet.

In the recent wake of Donald Sterling and the Solange/Jay-Z elevator cage match, we are brutally reminded that everything we say and do, could be used against us. Lest we not forget the Paula Deans, Alec Baldwins, Hasselhoffs and perhaps the first internet shame-fest, Monica Lewinsky, leaked by some dubious computer thing called the Drudge Report.

As Bill Maher brilliantly argues it’s no longer just big brother who’s watching us. It’s big girlfriend. (Quick breakdown) Maher decries the Sterling case as an outright invasion of privacy. He argues, if you can’t speak your mind freely in your own home, than why did we fight against fascism and communism in the first place.

Point noted. Democracy. Freedom of speech. Privacy. Yes. All for it.

But even in your most candid state, I don’t believe, that you, Bill Maher would spew hate-filled bigoted rants. Then again, I don’t know you. And if you did, whether you were caught or not, I would hope that you would in fact become, a social pariah. Or at least stripped of any status and power you’ve gained.

Far be it from us, here at Self to cast the first stone. We’ve said some truly regrettable things in our day. And if those things were made public, we’d be unhappy – though to the public at large, Self is a relative unknown, so even a public damning of our kind would be quickly forgotten.

Let’s face it. The world is not going decent on its own. As Maher states – we’re not good people. But can’t we at least try. Sterling isn’t going to jail, or being charged with any criminal wrong-doing. He is simply being stripped of his status, and if he ends up paying the NBA imposed fines, a small portion of his wealth. And if that forces him to pause the next time he spews some evil, hate-mongering shit (which it won’t), and edit his private words and thoughts before they go viral, well, isn’t that ok?

It’s more than religion ever did for us.