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Jun 2015

Compartmentalize Your Social

In a recent discussion, we here at Self were forced to lay it down proper: Posting food pictures in social media is stupid. Here’s why:

  1. A picture of food never looks as good on your phone as it does in IRL.
  2. The best part about food is not how it looks.
  3. Everyone and their blind grandma posts food pics. Yours is different though, right?

That led to the larger discussion of selfies, pets and kid pics being part of this unnecessary category. Instead of posting the adorableness of your offspring, how bout just enjoying it – live the moment you’re busy sharing with the rest of us. But, hey, even a cranky Deard is a sucker for cute kids, so fine. Facebook. But no where else.

Which all led to an even larger discussion: What’s acceptable (and what’s not) for the various social media channels:

  • Facebook. Post your kid pics. Fiiiiiiine. This is your venue, where friends and family actually want to see them, and the rest of us will deal with it. Links to interesting/humorous articles/videos are always welcome. But please, no food pics.
  • Instagram. Show us a new visual perspective. Something unexpected. Or funny. The only kid/selfie/pet pic that’s even remotely acceptable is the creative one – and no, a shot of your kid sitting in dog food does not qualify.
  • Twitter. Stay on brand – share the content your followers expect from you. Going down your own rabbit hole only gains and keeps real, earned followers. And please, no kid, pet or food pics.
  • LinkedIn. All work. No exceptions. Share links related to your profession only. No kid pics. No selfies. And again, no food pics.
  • Snapchat Don’t get us started. No food pics.

And just to be clear, please, no more food pics.