Feb 2014

Selling The Olympic Spirit

Just before the Olympics started, the advertising industry was treated to a little taste of what would be forcibly shoved down our throats for the next two and half weeks – a tv commercial featuring aspiring athletes, and what they go through to get to the Games, followed by a corporate logo that has absolutely no relatable context.

But this first one, a 2-minute spot from PROCTOR FUCKING AND GAMBLE!!!, got us.

And it wasn’t just because it had been a whole two years since the last time our heart strings were pulled by this cheap marketing ploy. Why had we fallen for it? Again?

The answer is, this one was made by Wieden and Kennedy and they do it better than anyone else. And even though P&G has no more reason to slap their corporate logos on at the end of a spot about striving for gold than Visa, McDonalds, Coke, Cisco, or any other marketing giant doing it, P&G got us.

They got us to tweet out the spot, #BecauseofMom, admitting to all of our followers that they got us. They got us with their well-crafted, real-life story-telling, to which every human watching could relate. They got us to watch two minutes of CPG advertising.

And as dirty as all that felt, just knowing that W&K could bamboozle us like that by employing the same well-worn formula as everyone else, only better, we at least have a good argument for doing better ourselves, pushing our clients and the work to a higher level.

Perhaps just striving to be the best advertiser out there is the only connection we need to feel the true Olympic spirit.


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  1. Todd

    I was hoping like hell that the P&G spot would end with the skier ‘falling over’ in ecstasy/relief and then the mom jumping over the barricade to pick them up and hug them…you know, for continuity.

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