Self Worldwide is a Portland based, brand studio that starts every project with a simple, strategic insight and ends with a nice, memorable piece of communication for whatever medium you desire.

While Self’s portfolio represents the combined effort of some crazy talented art directors, photographers, retouchers, web-developers, motion graphics artists, sound engineers, designers, illustrators, creative directors, and agency teams, the one common thread is writer, creative director  – Geoffrey Abraham. And The Deard.

Yes, The Deard is the face of this little Self-made venture. He is our social media guru,  mascot,  alter-ego and enigma, all wrapped into a hirsute little icon.

Why “The Deard?,” you ask. Why not just “Deard?”

Because “The Deard” commands respect. Like The Hague. And The Pope. And in an industry where respect is in such short supply, the Deard plans on getting his.

So, whattya say?

Be The Deard

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