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Jan 2017

The Art of Persuasion in Trump’s America

Friday’s inauguration brings with it a palpable sense of doom – reckless cabinet picks, a blatant disregard for intelligence, personal lawsuits, fire, brimstone, the whole nine (just look at how mean those eyes are).

But like any other red-blooded, self-absorbed American, you have to wonder, “what’s in it for me?” What can President Trump do for an average, middle class, white, advertising stiff, like Self. Of course, most of us in the industry seem deeply opposed to having a bigoted, misogynist, greedy game show host for a president – at least that’s the view from inside our bubble.

We say, “chin up, fellow advertisers!” This could be our golden age.

Think about it. We live in a time where lying is not only fine, it can earn you the vote (or the purchase, or the respect), of millions of Americans. All you have to do is,… lie. Make up the craziest shit you can imagine. Soda that makes you live longer. Cars that go 100 miles per second. Shoes that give you handjobs. It’s all fair game.

No longer will we be held accountable to the “product warnings” or hand-cuffed by lengthy “terms and conditions.” Borrr-ing. Just make it up. Nobody cares! And be sure to promise change – you don’t even have to deliver on it, just promise. In recent testing, consumers eat empty promises up and never even bother to question them.

How many times has one of your great ideas been killed because it included  “inaccurate representations of the product,” or an “over-promise” of the benefit. Bah! This is Trump’s America. We can over-promise whatever the hell we want. 

So tough as it may be to see fellow Americans of various backgrounds lose their civil liberties, and sad as it is may be to watch rampant drilling destroy the planet, and scary-as-cancer it may be that our twitter-happy commander-in-chief could provoke a world war scenario, don’t let that hamper your craft.

Be bold. Be creative. Be questionable. These are questionable times all you masters of persuasion. And the last I checked, it’s our job to exploit the times.  

This is our time to make advertising great again.