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Jul 2014

Hashtag Vs Tagline

The ultimate advertising cage match. How to sign off your brand communication. A witty hashtag? A clever tagline? Both? Too much?

Here’s the dirty little secret most traditional agencies will never tell you: tag lines are nothing but withering old varicose veins trying to woo you with a bygone era of L’eggs sheer pantyhose.

And yet, much of our job here at Self consists of writing tag lines. Every client, from the biggest footwear companies to the smallest start-ups, all want that magic little catch-phrase – they’re “quicker-picker-upper” if you will – that will go viral and create an insatiable demand for their brand.

What all these brands need, is a proper hashtag. Not too cute, but clever enough to get noticed. On brand and on strategy. Something wholly unique that everyone will remember. Something that customers can actually use.

And yes, by “use” we mean allow customers a vehicle in which to engage with a brand. But thanks to local marketing wiz-kids over at Chirpify, hashtags are now being used to convert the sale as well.

What tagline ever did that?

Winner: Hashtags.

(Professional hashtag writers are standing by)