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Jan 2014

The most racist holidays ever!

This holiday season, we celebrated the opposite of good will to man. We played Cards Against Humanity. A lot.

The politically incorrect version of Apples to Apples was the surprise darling of the 2013 holidays and is now the top selling game on Amazon. We gathered round the hearth to crack wise on “ethnic cleansing” and “praying the gay away” while  lining up for expansion packs, full of added vitriol. We did this to feed some bizarre, yet titillating hall-pass we’ve granted ourselves to express profound racism among friends.

Yes, I get it. It’s not racism. It’s misanthropy. Which is fine. Misanthropy is a general disdain for all groups of people, making it truly offensive to none. And these cards are so absurdly offensive, they clearly could not represent how anyone playing really feels. But for the majority of cards-against-humanity-carrying masses (which I presume to be white, middle-class people), this particular brand of misanthropy seems only acceptable within the confines of  other white, middle-class people.

What if there were some black people sitting at the table with you. Or Native Americans, Asians, gays, the poor, etc. Suddenly all those “ha-ha”s start to get a little stifled. Suddenly, that super funny card about slavery might fall a little flat.

So, who died and made Self so self-righteous? No one. We’ll keep playing the game and making light of years of oppression. Just thought it worth noting that someone said “Special Olympics” and the rest of us peed ourselves laughing.