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Nov 2013

Let’s Monetize Some Content

The newspaper industry is going bankrupt. Music labels can’t get fans to pay for their product. And everyone blames the internet.

Tonight I was prevented from reading a New York times recipe – one I desperately need for Thanksgiving – because I reached my 10-page limit for the month. I refuse to pay 99 cents a month for an online newspaper (though I would pay 99 cents per issue if I could somehow have that one issued delivered to me immediately). I would also, quite happily sit through a 30 second banner ad to see that recipe. And, on the other hand, I pay Spotify $5 per month to avoid a few annoying radio spots.

These are the absurd personal choices I make. And why aren’t I allowed that?

The best content providers attract an audience and get paid, either through subscription or advertising. And the advertisers get people who actually choose to expose themselves to a sponsored message. Everybody wins.

So,… what seems to be the problem?



Nov 2013

160 frames per second

Self recently had the good fortune to work with global digital agency, Razorfish in developing some eye-candy around the up-coming release of the new XBox One’s launch title, Forza Motorsport 5. No difficult task there, considering you’re hyping sexy cars with some of the smartest online advertisers in the game. But still, it was work.

What resulted were a few banner ads (above), promoting a top-speed commercial that promoted the game. And the landing page linked above. Now, if we could just get behind the wheel of that McLaren (release date Nov 22).