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Oct 2013

Confessions of a Meta-Sports Fan

Professional sports takes up a very small part of Self. A casual fan at best, I try to keep up with some light water-cooler conversation on the NBA and to a lesser extent, the NFL and MLB, mostly around the playoffs. Can’t even fake the NHL. Who has time?

But the media around professional sports has my complete and undivided attention. The commercials. The commentators. The player / coach personalities. I’ll read blogs on that shit all day long. I feel like I’ve had more meaningful conversations with Bill Simmons than I’ve had with my own wife. You can take your live game action. I want the press conference.

As if reading my mind, Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) has taken baseball from my absolute least favorite professional sporting event, to the greatest show on earth. Pairing the biting wit of Keith Olberman with the barely legible, but totally loveable, shenanigans of Dominican, power pitcher, Pedro Martinez, these nightly, MLB playoff recaps are without question, the ONLY thing to watch on TV. As great as these games have been – fucking Papi – the TBS commentary trumps all.

Why aren’t there more clips from the previous night circulating the youtubes? Why isn’t TBS featuring last nights hi-jinx in the marquee of their site?

This IS the show folks. And it’s only on for a few more weeks. Oh, and by the way, Go Tigers!